2nd, 3rd, 4th Grade Math Worksheets

We developed our 2nd grade math worksheets keeping in mind that not all students learn the same way. So, keeping that in mind, we made the 2nd grade math worksheets a little different to make them student friendly.

Most of the concepts in grade two math are the expansion of the concepts learned in grade one. By this time they have learned a lot about their community and about all around them. They are ready to do 2nd grade math worksheets. They become very familiar with the teachers and their classmates. Their bodies grown little more and they start to pretend that they know everything, which is normal for this age.

Now this is the time for parents to start balancing the study time with other activities like outside play, video games or the cartoon shows. Something to mention here is that, at this stage, kids needs the outside activity at maximum then social knowledge, 2nd grade math worksheets, other subject work and then video games or cartoon shows.

Grade two math

This is the another basic building block of whole educational carrier. In grade two math student should know how to add and subtract numbers to ten using mental math and this is the grade two math, where students learn the idea of fractions, adding and subtracting the larger numbers. There are the following key 2nd grade math worksheets students should practice.

  • Writing larger numbers
  • Writing numbers in words
  • Comparing numbers
  • Ordering Numbers
  • Place Value Worksheets
  • Addition and Subtraction

Grade three math

In grade three math student should be comfortable adding up to ten thousands in three rows and should be able to carry the tens, hundreds and thousands to the next line. Also a three grade math student should know how to subtract without borrowing and with borrowing. For example; an average grade 3 math student should be able to do the following:

If a grade 3 math beginner student knows all the above then he/she is ready to learn the next level of math. The next level is learning how to multiply or times. Multiplications is actually the repeated addition of similar sets of things or in other words repeated addition of the same number.

Then this book builds on the above basic operations to develop the higher concepts of finding all the factors of a number, multiples, prime numbers and composite numbers, all are the key topics for grade three math. Book explains how to find greatest common factor gcf and least common multiple lcm. The gcf and lcm are the keys to understand and learn fractions.

The key to grade three math success is to master the addition skills, subtraction skills, place value to hundred thousand, writing larger numbers in numerals and in words and last but not least to know the times tables up to 10 times for grade three math.

Once the student know the times tables and can tell from the memory, he/she is ready to multiply the larger numbers and ready to learn dividing the numbers.

Including to the above concepts in grade three math, the students need to know the basic fractions such as write a fraction looking at a picture or vice versa. A grade three math student should also have good knowledge about the two dimensional and three dimensional geometric shapes.

Grade four math

4th grade math worksheets are the best method to practice grade four math. In 4th grade math worksheets, main focus should be on teaching the times tables to grade four kids.

Multiplication charts are one of the biggest basic math skill to learn and all the students in grade four should learn them by practicing times tables again and again using the 4th grade math worksheets. The key in the grade four is to learn multiply tables using the 4th grade math worksheets on times tables. For high school math click here.