Online Math Games

Math is a subject which is usually found as a “tough” subject by many. Math is tricky and in order to excel at it, you should just keep on practicing it. If you are interested in practicing math, or learning math, you can always resort to online math games in order to do that. To give […]

How to Solve Percentage Word Problems

So, given translating word problems from English into Math is generally such a tricky, hazardous task; the fact that short, percentage word problems very often can be correctly translated into math equations using transliteration is, in my opinion, a piece of very good news. So let’s check out in this post how to solve percentage […]

Math Resources

Math Resources for Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle School, and High School For most students, math is sometimes too difficult or just not stimulating enough. Mr. Kerthenrich wants to help you teach students that not all math is too difficult or it can’t be entertaining. There is no age restriction on learning how to have fun with […]

Math In 6th Grade – A New Beginning

When people search for sixth-grade math online, they usually search incorrectly with keywords such as “sixth-grade math’s”. This happens mainly because they usually search for the wrong keywords and sometimes with false punctuations. As a result, they find it hard to look for the information that they are looking for. So let’s see what Math In […]

K-5 Math Teaching Resources

Mathematics can be considered as one of the most difficult and challenging subjects to study. Even in universities, Math is being hated by some students. Mathematics for fifth graders usually covers a lot of understanding and analysis. It comprises much of the mathematical thinking and solving. But what if you are the one teaching fifth-grade […]

Math is Fun – also for Kids in 4th Grade

During the fourth grade level, kids will be able to learn different theories such as division of two-digit numbers and addition of fractions. They will learn these concepts in preparation for the next step in elementary mathematics. Learning this field for them can be overwhelming and we have ways on how to let them effortlessly […]

Touch Math Worksheets Help 3rd Graders Become Math Wizards

Many parents would be really happy if their child would become a math wizard since math is not an easy subject to deal with. It is the field wherein you see and face the world of numbers most of the time. But the question is how would you do it? Now how would you make […]

Masters in Math Education for 2nd Graders

When a child reaches the second grade he or she will spend much of their class time on reviewing skills learned in first grade. Math for second graders includes major topics and skills that are needed to maintain. It is usually composed of numbers, computations and operations, data and probability, measurements, geometry, and algebra. The […]

Best Practices in Teaching Math – Multiplication

Multiplication Games can help your kids to get familiar with math concepts and make learning multiplication facts more fun. Sometimes, because of improper input of keywords and wrong punctuations, most people searched for wrong information. One of the most frequent error and can be considered as a good example is the word multiplication. So let’s […]

Open Your Child’s Mind to Math

When a child enters the elementary level, he/she starts to learn different things. Children are now being introduced to different fields of learning. And one of the most complicated fields is MATH. As a parent or teacher for first graders, how do you open your child’s mind to Math? Well, the most effective method is […]