How to get a child to like Math

So it’s back to school time and in a few months, you’ll see your child’s report cards. It is not easy, however, to tell a kid’s progress by just reading a report card. Generally, they will look pretty good, which can also be quite misleading. It’s not until parents decide to investigate their children’s performance…Continue reading How to get a child to like Math

Online Math Games

Math is a subject which is usually found as a “tough” subject by many. Math is tricky and in order to excel at it, you should just keep on practicing it. If you are interested in practicing math, or learning math, you can always resort to online math games in order to do that. To give…Continue reading Online Math Games

Math Resources

Math Resources for Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle School, and High School For most students, math is sometimes too difficult or just not stimulating enough. Mr. Kerthenrich wants to help you teach students that not all math is too difficult or it can’t be entertaining. There is no age restriction on learning how to have fun with…Continue reading Math Resources

K-5 Math Teaching Resources

Mathematics can be considered as one of the most difficult and challenging subjects to study. Even in universities, Math is being hated by some students. Mathematics for fifth graders usually covers a lot of understanding and analysis. It comprises much of the mathematical thinking and solving. But what if you are the one teaching fifth-grade…Continue reading K-5 Math Teaching Resources

Open Your Child’s Mind to Math

When a child enters the elementary level, he/she starts to learn different things. Children are now being introduced to different fields of learning. And one of the most complicated fields is MATH. As a parent or teacher for first graders, how do you open your child’s mind to Math? Well, the most effective method is…Continue reading Open Your Child’s Mind to Math