Real-life Math Lessons Help Students Measure Up

Tribute to a fantastic Math Teacher Henry Brown III was teaching math in Hallandale Beach, Florida, and his classroom was always open for business. He displays lumber, cut to several sizes, and plants, green and growing. The task for his students, half of whom enter this alternative high school with math skills below the fifth-grade […]

If Children Lack Word-Solving & Math Strategies…

The child who lacks word-solving and math strategies may be unsure, lack confidence, and be unwilling to take a risk. He/she may not know word-solving strategies to use when encountering an unknown word. Just because a child learned phonics does not guarantee that he/she will know how to use these skills when reading. Additionally, a […]

Should Math and Science Teachers Be Paid More?

I spend a good deal of time interviewing and hiring teachers, which often leads me to wonder…Should math and science teachers be paid more than other content area teachers? Math and science are considered “hard to staff subjects”. I would also categorize Special Education teachers as hard to staff. In California, there has been a […]

Letter To Parents – Math Teaching

Dear Parents Are your children falling behind in Mathematics? Are you constantly looking for ways to help them, but find that today’s Syllabus is very different from your own school days? More than likely, you are paying a small fortune for private lessons not to mention the hassle of driving them here and there. Has […]

Letter To Students – Math Teaching

Dear Student, Do you feel left out when it comes to Mathematics at school? Are you struggling with your homework, tests, and exams? If your answer is YES, you have come to the right place. To give you an idea what this post is all about, take a look the following video: Many students today […]

Middle School Math is Hard

Only the really smart kids took Algebra in 8th grade when I was growing up. Sure, I was in that group, but a lot were not. Most students’ mental math is abysmal, and if it weren’t for the calculator and Excel, they’d be in big trouble managing our finances at home. A few nights ago, […]

Can we repair school mathematics in the US?

For years I’ve been involved in the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) and I was stunned by reports of the abysmal performance of our best high school seniors on the mathematics examination given to them and their peers from twenty other countries, is very important to me. On general math skills these US […]

Comprehending Technical Math Reading: What Is Technical Material?

Technical reading involves focusing on writing that communicates specific information. This information is in a large variety of formats from directions, memos, reports, letters, proposals, prescriptions, to charts, graphs, and spreadsheets. These formats may be very unfamiliar to the reader who is used to typical fiction and nonfiction patterns and structures. Being able to read […]

High School Math

High school is the time which asks parents and educator to be very careful about the teenager students. The main topics in the high school math include: Mastering the order of operations involving fractions, exponents, and parentheses. Understanding and applying the basic algebraic concepts such as algebraic expressions, polynomials, equations such as linear equations and […]

Parents and Teachers Foster Reading & Math Comprehension – Responsibility

Students need to learn that they need to and are expected to take responsibility for understanding (comprehending) what they have read. AT HOME AT SCHOOL Don’t always give your child the word or the meaning. Let the child problem solve. Ask him/her, “What can you do to figure this meaning or word out?” Teach students […]