Letter To Parents – Math Teaching

Dear Parents

Are your children falling behind in Mathematics? Are you constantly looking for ways to help them, but find that today’s Syllabus is very different from your own school days? More than likely, you are paying a small fortune for private lessons not to mention the hassle of driving them here and there. Has it made a difference? In my case, it didn’t! I have a teenage son who has always struggled with math and even the aptitude career test indicated that he will be successful within excellent math skills, he was very frustrated because he wanted to be able to understand math. First, take look at this video to understand a little more about math:

He would just end up with more homework and be needing more help. After spending many evenings on the internet searching for something that could help us both, I finally found this wonderful tutorial which covers our local math syllabus. It has saved us both so much time as every day before he starts his homework, he clicks on the tutorial which covers the lesson done at school and we both go through it a few times till he has fully understood it.

Problem solved! The advantages are numerous. He no longer misses out on lessons when he is home sick. Revising during the holidays is not a dull task anymore. Preparing for exams is so much easier with the tests available to record his progress. And the best thing is he looks forward to using it. With the vast syllabus that teachers have to cover, there is only so much they can do.

A standard 45-minute math lesson at school leaves very little time for the teacher to give individual attention or second explanations. Mr. Kerthenrich’s program has been approved as the authorized affiliate to introduce this math tutorial program in America and help promote this remarkable piece of software for the benefit of students worldwide. It is already being used in schools throughout the US, Australia, UK, and Canada.

It has proven to raise grades even for those students who hate the subject. There are numerous tutorials, each from 2 to 10 minutes long. (Please refer to the full list of lessons attached). Each lesson unfolds in a step-by-step explanation by an acclaimed academic and exceptional communicator Pat Murray, who has over 15 years teaching experience. It was his concern for students who could not grasp math concepts in the classroom that led him to form a team to develop this multi-media program.

Based upon the US National Curriculum, it was introduced in 2012. The student can learn at her/his personal pace as she/he may rewind, fast forward or pause the tutor as often as need be. At the end of each tutorial the student may print out the worksheets, key in the answers and it will be automatically corrected. During this process, there will be an ongoing progress report which will highlight areas where the student needs further practice and study. The student may also print out the summary notes at the end of each tutorial. This online tutorial has already helped thousands of kids just like ours, from all around the world, finally achieve success in Mathematics. Don’t let it be too late for YOUR child.