Letter To Students – Math Teaching

Dear Student,

Do you feel left out when it comes to Mathematics at school? Are you struggling with your homework, tests, and exams? If your answer is YES, you have come to the right place. To give you an idea what this post is all about, take a look the following video:

Many students today are falling behind in their Mathematics for the simple reason of how it is being put forward to them in class. Let’s face it. A teacher can only do so much in a 45-minute lesson. There is rarely time for individual attention or second explanations. Students are left to figure it out on their own or like many, never manage to grab the concepts. This is where the problem begins.

The learning of Mathematics is like the structure of a building. If your foundation is not strong, the building will fall. So every time you skip to another topic in Mathematics without having learned or understood the previous topic, this is what happens.

With this online tutorial program, you can solve all these empty spaces in your Mathematics knowledge. There are many tutorials, each from 2 to 10 minutes long covering the full math syllabus.

For online lessons, go to Bestgedclasses.org. Each lesson unfolds in a step-by-step explanation by an acclaimed academic and exceptional communicator Pat Murray, who has over 15 years teaching experience. It was his concern for students who could not grasp math concepts in the classroom that led him to form a team to develop this multi-media program.

Based upon the US National Curriculum, it was introduced in 2012. You can learn at your personal pace as you may rewind, fast forward or pause the tutor as often as need be. At the end of each tutorial you may print out the worksheets, key in the answers and it will be automatically corrected.

During this process, there will be an ongoing progress report which will highlight areas where you need further practice and study. You may also print out the summary notes at the end of each tutorial. It’s just like having your personal tutor at home 24/7.

Take the time to read hundreds of testimonials from students all over the world who, at one time were struggling just like you.

Math Help from a Mister Kerthenrich, real Math Teacher Online 24/7

  • Learn, embed and retain all or any math lesson from the Mr. Kerthenrxch National Curriculum.
  • Delivered in small manageable chunks throughout all tutorials, each from 2 – 10 minutes long.
  • Have your own Personal Tutor in your living room, listen and watch as the lessons unfold.
  • A slider bar at the bottom of the screen lets you decide your personal pace of learning.
  • Rewind, fast forward or pause the tutor and listen again as often as you need to.
  • Worksheets test you along the way and include automatic marking.
  • Ongoing progress reports keep a track of progress and highlight areas for further study.


Check out Covcell.org. They cover the complete secondary syllabus.

  • Rewind, Fast Forward, Pause or Repeat a lesson as many times as you need till you are confident enough to tackle the worksheets
  • Trouble with your homework – log on, select the topic you have done at school and listen to the lesson
  • Missed out on school because you were home sick – check what lessons you have missed and revise them online, even print the notes
  • Tests or Exams coming up – do the topic tests and see where you need to revise the most
  • Your teacher is away sick – carry on at home with your own personal tutor
  • Your books don’t make sense no matter how many times you go over it – listen to the voice of the acclaimed academic and exceptional communicator Pat Murray, who has over 15 years teaching experience whose concern for students that struggled with Mathematics lead to this wonderful tutorial.