Masters in Math Education for 2nd Graders

When a child reaches the second grade he or she will spend much of their class time on reviewing skills learned in first grade. Math for second graders includes major topics and skills that are needed to maintain. It is usually composed of numbers, computations and operations, data and probability, measurements, geometry, and algebra. The children will be able to solve problems and apply those using methods which also include those concepts developed in the past year of schooling. Let’s take a look at Masters in Math Education for 2nd Graders.


Math for second graders will cover topics such as representation and proper usage of numbers. The child or student will be able to read and write whole numbers up to 999. They will also be able to indicate place values and identify odd and even numbers. Also, in this grade, they will learn how to add and subtract facts up to 20. They will be trained to mentally do the addition and subtraction with two-digit numbers.

Computations and Operations

Your kids will be able to enhance and use some strategies for computing whole numbers concentrating mainly on addition and subtraction. They are also expected to be fluent in computing with basic numbers for these two processes. Computation including objects and mental computation are also part of this chapter. Students will learn to use methods in computation and estimations using objects.

Data and Probability

In this chapter, your child will be able to find out how to understand and create data. He or she will be taught to make graphical representations using a given data. Second graders are also likely to analyze the concept of probability. It’s easier if you use real-life math lessons.


Second graders are taught how to understand the different processes and classification of measurements. They are expected to be familiar with how to use the various tools, units, and formulas to determine measurements. The goal of this chapter is also to let the children explain the relationship and difference between hours in a day and days in a week. Kids will learn also how to tell time in different approaches. Money is also included. They will be introduced on how to deal with money by teaching them how to do exchanges with bills and coins. They are also expected to recognize the aspects of length, weight, volume, area, and time.


Geometry for second graders covers mainly on two and three-dimensional shapes. Kids will learn how to recognize, sketch, build, label, arrange, and compare two and three-dimensional shapes. They will also be able to identify the characteristics of these shapes including lines, angles, planes and other figures. Kids will also study and predict the outcomes of combining the two and three-dimensional systems.


This chapter enables kids to analyze and understand composition and situations using algebraic details. Also, they will be able to read and write these expressions and number sentence. They will also be taught to identify, illustrate, and extend numeric patterns on this chapter. See also this post about making multiplication easier.

These chapters mainly cover the math for second graders. It is better that you provide them with proper guidance in teaching these concepts. Remember that they are still exploring their life in different ways. Concepts are getting deeper at every level. You can make math easy for second graders if you follow the right curriculum. But most importantly, it helps that you provide them with a better and stronger foundation for him to establish a good knowledge in the field of math for the coming years.