Math is Fun – also for Kids in 4th Grade

During the fourth grade level, kids will be able to learn different theories such as division of two-digit numbers and addition of fractions. They will learn these concepts in preparation for the next step in elementary mathematics. Learning this field for them can be overwhelming and we have ways on how to let them effortlessly understand its concepts through math games. For fourth-grade kids, playing games can be an essential way to review the old and new course. So Math is Fun – also for Kids in 4th Grade.

You as a parent or a teacher of a fourth grader child should know that on their level, they face a lot of complicated math problems. Math games strengthen what the kids have learned and at the same time giving them the opportunity to learn using their own unique ways. The abilities of your kids are enhanced when you let them play while studying. Some of the most commonly used math games for fourth graders are as follows:

Bingo Fever

The goal of the game is to let the kids mark all the 5 boxes in a line but instead of crossing the boxes as they are called, the kids have to fill them up with the correct answers. The first to have five correct answers in a line is the winner. This game enables students to exercise their math skills by allowing them to think well. Bingo creates attraction to the kids since it is easy to be adapted to real situations. This bingo game enables the fourth graders to practice on their math operations skills. See also: “Multiplication Games”.

Card Clash

There are different ways on how cards are being played but most of them involve the use of mathematics. The most common card game is the one which enhances multiplication skills. The goal of the game is to have the most numbers of cards at the end of the game. The group is divided into pairs and each pair should be given deck of cards and four standard dice. The jokers and face cards should be removed from the decks and shuffle the remaining cards in the deck. Each of the kids in the pair should turn over the cards simultaneously. The first player multiplied the numbers correctly gets the cards. The player who has the most number of cards is declared as the winner.

Fraction Action

The objective of this fraction game is to strengthen the concept of equivalent fractions. First, you must have 98 fraction cards. These cards must all be faced down and each of them will have the chance to turn two cards face up. Basically, the aim is to match the two-faced cards. For example, if the student gets 3/6 and 1/3, he or she gets to keep both cards since they are equivalent. The kid who has the most number of pairs wins. In third grade, they learned to work with worksheets, now they’ll learn to deal with fractions.

There are many fun activities to help your kids grab math concepts better. In general, these math games for fourth graders are great since they are portable and can easily adapt to different situations. Card games are not expensive and very attractive to children. The rules are easy to understand and you can be explained to them effortlessly. In conclusion, these math games practice the math skills of fourth graders. Playing games refreshes their young minds and turns mathematics fun and exciting.