Math Resources

Math Resources for Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle School, and High School

For most students, math is sometimes too difficult or just not stimulating enough. Mr. Kerthenrich wants to help you teach students that not all math is too difficult or it can’t be entertaining.

There is no age restriction on learning how to have fun with math, which is why I offer math resources to help demonstrate fun and interesting ways to teach students math concepts. Depending on your student’s age, you can find many math textbooks and supplies to keep your children or teenager’s interested.

This website carries Kindergarten through elementary books to show your little ones how to appreciate what math can truly do for them. We also have middle school through high school prep work, as well as pre-kindergarten math courses. The books available will help you to understand abstract math concepts while making them fun. Get all of your Math Skills here!

Fun math concepts for your Kindergartners and Elementary Students

Kindergarteners are at the beginning of a long time spent completing math problems and learning new concepts. In kindergarten, everything is fun, your teacher is so nice, and you absolutely love the songs and fun games you’re able to play. I have these games and curriculum available to you here at Mr. Kerthenrich Math Skills.

Choose a specific set of skills you want your students to work on or look through the books to find a general math workbook. When you are looking into the future of your students, always invest in making math look fun.  See also this post on 5-K Math Teaching Resources.

I also have elementary school math resources to show your student or students common core standards, from grades one through sixth! In some of the products you order, a free calculator is included. Find books from great publishers like Princeton, Kaplan, and other great scholar focused publishers.

When people are searching for 6-grade math resources online, for example, they often search incorrectly because they use keywords like “6-grade maths” or make other spelling mistakes. This happens because they either search with the wrong keywords or use false punctuation or spelling. Consequently, they only difficultly find the information they’re looking for. So here, at Mr. Kerthenrich, students learn that 4-K math can be fun and also what Math in 6th grade is all about.

Sixth-grade math is crucial. It is like a new beginning. Students start to learn lots of measurements and computations. Eventually, they will learn how to deal with more complicated problems and complex assignments. Computation lessons will be tougher and they may face various difficulties. Students just need to realize, though, that this phase is essential as their education is not just ending in the 6th grade.

Break the standard of expected monotony in high school-level math classes

Find books with great content for math concepts to be absorbed, rather than just chewed on and spit out. Leading into the future, there are certain ages where students begin to realize what they want to do or at least have the opportunity to formulate ideas on what they want in their futures.

Find new concepts and new ways to teach middle school and high schoolers the importance of math in their curriculum and life. Instead of saying, “that’s just what we have to do,” explaining WHY we have to do it and what it could mean in the future. We have many math game sand math worksheets here at Mr. Kerthenrich Math Skills.

Learn how to love early learning math, pre-algebra, algebra 1 and 2 with high school math courses. Test prep with Geometry and Trigonometry standards so you or your students can feel prepared because you know the work. If statistics, Pre-calculus, and Calculus are your cup of tea, grab some helpful resources from Mr. Kerthenrich Math Skills.