Math Worksheets

Math worksheets are the most important and effective method to practice and master the math skills learned from a teacher or a tutor provided that, these worksheets are designed by a math expert. Mathfriendly contains thousands of math pages created by hand, not by a computer software, which means we take care about the student’s grade level and understanding level on each problem in each and every math worksheet we create.

All the math worksheets and math lessons are created based on our 16 years of experience teaching math. Out students include from all grade levels and with different levels of understanding towards math. Hence we are aware of the math problems kids have in specific grades on particular topics. Right now we have finished creating math worksheets for KG to grade two and working on the higher grades content. There will be continuous work on this site to improve and add math worksheets on a daily basis.

Math worksheets for Kindergarten

Kindergarten is at the base of the education career for all of us. Care should be taken about tender hearts joining the KG and kids should be given enough time to physical activity as it is the first priority.

Little ones then should be introduced with numbers piece by piece and all the study should be fun based, means the math worksheets should be colorful and as entertaining as other fun activities so that kids don’t get bored with math and love to spend some time on it rater.

The grade one math is amongst the most important milestones in a person’s whole educational journey, as most of us keep the KG or grade-one memories alive with us forever. On this page, there are 1st-grade math worksheets to print for free.

Math worksheets for 1st grade

On 1st-grade math worksheets, the mainly covered topics are counting numbers and patterns. In grade one math, the main emphasis should be towards the learner’s all-around development such as physical, social, attitude and mental development.

In school or at home parents or teachers should not push the child to study only, but most important thing is to keep our young ones busy doing things, doesn’t matter it’s playing with toys or taking them outside for a walk or if they interested to help them learn their books.

So, the teaching should not be pushing on their tender brains or minds. Care should be taken to keep the child entertained and happy most of the times. There are following key worksheets with explanations, need to be done by a child in grade one. These 1st-grade math worksheets are on the main skills for grade one math and which is not much for the whole year. We tried to make these grade one worksheets as entertaining as we could, but we promise to do better in the future.

Topics and skills to learn in 1st-grade math worksheets:

Never forget the topics learned in grade 1 math, as these key concepts, such as counting numbers, basic addition and subtractions and patterns are very important for the higher grades.
To make a strong base in mathematics, grade one math is very important and learn it all.
Print grade one math worksheets today and start practicing them to become smart in math.


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