Open Your Child’s Mind to Math

When a child enters the elementary level, he/she starts to learn different things. Children are now being introduced to different fields of learning. And one of the most complicated fields is MATH. As a parent or teacher for first graders, how do you open your child’s mind to Math? Well, the most effective method is to give them exercises that suit their age. First-grade math exercises are best if taught also to first-grade students.

When math is concerned, a child tends to find it boring and difficult. Children avoid studying when they know that numbers are in front of them. Exercises and worksheets can help. But of course, you should also choose worksheets that are clear and can be understood by a grade one student.

A good example can be Number Worksheets wherein your child can learn numbers. These worksheets are composed of missing numbers and operations. You can also come up with different styles like a bingo or any board game. This type of exercises can be considered as a basic since it can be easily understood by children and requires less arithmetic and solving.

Arithmetic Worksheets can practice your child in doing some operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. You can give him or her exercises that are very creative. Why don’t you have some illustrations? This can help you teach your child easily and in a more convenient way. This will also help your child familiarize the arithmetic based processes. Well, this second type of worksheet can be harder than the first worksheet but this can be very useful since it involves concepts that can be applied in real life situations.

Another is the Money Worksheets which provide sets of coins and bills for children to familiarize. In this worksheet, children are being thought on how to perform the four basic operations by using the monetary units. They will be able to learn how to handle money and apply that in their daily activities. Read also this post about fantastic teachers.

Finally, you can also have the Time Worksheets which can also help your children how to tell time which is really important in our daily lives. Teaching them time can be very trying if you are not familiar with the steps how to do this properly. You also need to have a step by step process in order for your child to understand what’s going on. For example, you should start by pointing out to them the functions of the short and long hand of the clock. This can be basic but important for them to tell time.

You can also give them short tests on worksheets to answer. By this, you can evaluate how much did they understand and how you can improve their deficiency. You can make your worksheets unique and fun to read. It’s only a matter of strategy and style on how you can educate your first-grade child. Proper guidance is also essential since on this level they are starting to open their young and innocent mind and let’s not forget that when they get older, they’ll be faced with plenty of problems as the US education system is in dire need of some repair!

You should also be aware of the proper worksheets that suit the age and capacity of your child. It is vital that you do not pressure your child to understand and perform math. You should make them feel comfortable and at ease since at that age, they are still children. Remember that learning and teaching are fun and exciting as long as you put love and passion to it. If they learn with passion, maybe later they will cope with the challenging Middle school Math lessons much easier!