K-5 Math Teaching Resources

Mathematics can be considered as one of the most difficult and challenging subjects to study. Even in universities, Math is being hated by some students. Mathematics for fifth graders usually covers a lot of understanding and analysis. It comprises much of the mathematical thinking and solving. But what if you are the one teaching fifth-grade math? Take a look at these K-5 Math Teaching Resources.

If you teach Math, you should also be aware of some certain points to remember and to follow in sharing your ideas with your students. You should also love math before you let the children understand you. If you don’t like what you are doing then it cannot make sense.

If you are teaching math to fifth graders, it is better to have strategies for letting them understand. First, it is nice to establish first your objectives and desired outcomes. As a teacher, you should also be prepared and you need to research your topic. See to it that you have all needed materials in educating them such as charts and study guides.

Math notebooks are also required for the students so that they can take down important notes while listening to your lectures. Study guides are important so that vocabulary that can be found in the chapters will be introduced to them, even if they lack basic understanding. Using of simpler rather than complex words is better. You as a teacher should use specific words in explaining concepts.

You should also have notes to keep the discussion on track. It is better that you also share your notes with the students. 5th-grade students tend to consult their teachers frequently since they are in the level of increasing curiosity so it’s good that you are prepared just like you were in fourth grade.

Introduction of steps in problem-solving is a major help if introduced early in the year so that they can use it in analyzing and solving their preceding math problems. Emphasis on important words such as sum, difference, product, diminished by, etc. is also important in letting them understand the concepts. Giving of short quizzes can help in assessing their understanding and knowledge on the topics discussed. Weekly long exams can be a good strategy also.

It is also important that you give homework almost every day so that students could practice solving problems and equations. A 10-minute review of the previous lessons can freshen the mind of students. Important concepts should be included in the review so that they can open up their minds to math issues and remember them.

A 45- minute introduction of the next lesson or concept with guided activities and a summary of notes can also make the students understand the basic notes of the next chapter. A teacher should also support points with good and meaningful examples and comparisons. You can test a student’s understanding by asking him to give examples also. Hands-on activities can also help especially group activities. It takes away the boredom in class discussions.